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How to find a reliable and professional China Segway style scooter manufacturer

Good quality 2 Wheel Electric Scooter for sales
Good quality 2 Wheel Electric Scooter for sales
Customers Reviews
You had the best balance sample sample compared to other supplier,I love you product.I just get fruitfull orders from our stores.

—— Mr Jay

Hello! My experience on this site is/was good so far. The supplier and their personnel are good people and always try to help you in any way.

—— Lucian Andries

The scooter quality, service and design of the line from Xinli Escooter is very much appreciated by our management and maintenance team.

—— Mr Luis

Your product is amazing,Ecorider balance scooter just like a robot! When I drive it,catch everyone's eyes!

—— John

The product I've bought from them arrived on time and in good condition. Also, their products are five(5) stars! I am a happy customer! More or less..

—— Lucian Andries

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Company News
How to find a reliable and professional China Segway style scooter manufacturer
How to find a reliable and professional China Segway style scooter manufacturer 
1.Company qualification :
Time of producing and exporting self balance scooter.  More than 3 year, the company may have his own teams of engineers and sales.
2.Complete certificate : 
Complete CE, FCC, RoHS and they must be the real certificates. 
TIPS, many companies in China are good at Photoshop and easy to forge certificates. So when customers get a certificate, please be sure to check if the certificate is really real according to the certificate encoding.
3.Battery quality: 
please look at the following picture, you will know how important the battery is. It's about safety, and security is the most important thing.
How to find a reliable and professional China Segway style scooter manufacturer
How to distinguish the good or bad of battery? First, Please ask suppliers to provide battery reports. Second, the price. The cost of imported Samsung battery is 5 times as high as that of domestic battery . Third, whether the battery has protective board.

4.customer feedback 

Customer feedback is the most true. We Suggest that you can ask the supplier to provide a number of customer sites, videos, and written feedbacks.
5.You get what you pay for

" Cheap Chinese knock-offs" as quality products are also made in China too. Just really depends on how much you are willing to spend. 

For example...You can approach a factory in China and ask them to make a 3.7v x16 cell battery pack for 25USD and they will make that for you. They will likely no brand the item as they will skimp on the materials in order to fit your budget. 

However if you approached the same factory ordering the same battery pack and are willing to pay 150USD. They are going to make damn sure you get the best battery they can make,which will meet and often exceed current safety standards. 

So when you're looking to buy one of these, don't go with cheapest Chinese one.
6. after-sales service 

After-sale terms are clear and timely respond. 

We have been manufacturing and exporting segway style scooters for 5 years, thank all customers for your support and trust. We will continue to develop and improve, so that our products are getting better and better. Of course, even if some of the customers ask us to produce 25 dollars of the battery, we will also say No. because we are responsible for any one who may drive our scooter. We provide right products at right price.
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